Voices of Payday Advance

Self-employed are dismissed!

If you are self-employed, you will hardly ever get a payday loan!! Lenders do credit checks and need information from your employer, so they simply reject the applications from self-employed people!!! Never again I am going through this procedure! Savings can serve you better!

George, Las Vegas, NV

Easy and fast!

As long as you deal with a licensed lender, you’ll see that payday loans are easy! The lender will be very helpful, sending you up dates of your account, dates when your loan is due and everything else you need! They will even provide you with a brochure so that you clearly understand the whole process.

Alexander, Santa Fe, NM

Are you really that desperate?

Do not take a payday loan out with any lender!! You are going to lose lots of money! Ask for help from friends or family, work some overtime… Find any other way to get extra cash, but avoid payday lenders, this is the sure step towards debt!

Lauren, Los Angeles, CA

Avoid payday loans

Don’t go anywhere near payday loans! The whole idea behind this type of loans is fast cash at extremely high interest rates! You don’t want to pay 300% in interest when you already have financial problems! Instead, ask your friends or family for some money, I’m sure it’s a much better way out!!!

Mary, Ventura, CA

Good way to get money fast

I have just started my own business, when my car broke. I did not have any savings or spare money at the moment, so I applied for a payday loan.
I paid the money on time, and had no extra fees or excessive interest to pay. Use this kind of loans for fast cash, but be sure to stick to the terms and conditions to avoid problems!

Michael, Kansas City, MO


Never deal with payday loans!! this is the best way to lose everything you have! if you miss a payment, you will be harassed at home and at work, lenders will do anything to get their money back and will charge you excessive fees and interest! all lenders are the same, don’t even touch them!

Jack, Louisville, KY

Beware of unlicensed lenders

The first time I have taken a payday loan, I knew nothing about it and contacted the first lender on Yellow pages. I ended up paying thousands of dollars in interest and fees on my $300 loan. As I later found out, the lender I worked with did not have a Texas license.
Next time I was more careful and took a loan from a state licensed lender and only paid the amount of money agreed, no excessive fees or anything!

Tom, Dallas, TX

Make sure to read terms & conditions

I have used the service of payday lenders twice in my life, both times it was fast and easy.
I recommend other people in need of cash advance to carefully read the terms and conditions, it is the only way to avoid problems and excessive fees.
As long as you pay back as agreed and clearly understand all the terms and conditions, you should be fine with a licensed lender.

Jess, Edmond, OK

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