Our Advantages

1. We are professional brokers and debt counselors. All of us have a degree in Economics or Finances and extensive work experience.
2. We monitor payday loan deals daily. This helps us bring you the best of the best and guarantees the lowest rates available on the market.
3. We are available 24/7. Simply email us or fill in an online form and we will contact you promptly with our best offers!

What People Say About Payday Loans

Self-employed are dismissed! If you are self-employed, you will hardly ever get a payday loan!! Lenders do credit checks.
George, Las Vegas, NV
Easy and fast! As long as you deal with a licensed lender, you’ll see that payday loans are easy!.
Alexander, Santa Fe, NM

About Us

Online Payday Loans Guide is a team of 4: James, Meredith, Richard and Peter.

We do our best to help you get the latest news, most up-to-date information on payday lending and, of course, the best cash advance deals available from licensed US lenders.

Our mission is to manage an online service that offers you the best of the best! We strive to maintain a consumer friendly website and to provide the services that meet your needs.

As a responsible company, we provide quick, helpful, and outstanding customer service.

Our Team

  • Peter Jackson
    Debt Advisor
  • Richard Bales
  • Meredith Jones
    Payday Loan Adviser
  • James Wilson
    Financial Broker

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